Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Blog

Today marks the 366th daily post in a row.

There has been a post a day, each day for a year.  Before that time there were a couple oddball postings and it all started with a rather dry recipe for Hummus.

I found that I can get better Hummus out than that recipe so I've taken to using the Chick Peas in my salad.

If you're going to read my blog, more than half of you do it between 8 and 1 in the afternoon. 

There's an average of 9 per day, but that's misleading since there were 59 page views yesterday and 1/3 of all views in the last 5 weeks.

The most favorite posting is the Ikea Poang posting - really a series of a few.  People search the web for that chair and want to know more.  Good chair, mine is holding up well.

I'm surprised that so many people have found this blog interesting.  For the most part it is a brain dump.  I stare at the screen, think about a topic, and just write.  For those days that I have writer's block, I have just pulled a topic off of Google Trends and write away.

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but they help me put a posting together too.   I have a habit of walking with my digital camera in my pocket and taking pictures of things that may not be apparent until it is in front of me in full color.  The Muse hits and I go onward.

I'm finding that the open letter to my sister is getting rather photo heavy, recipe heavy.   When I make something in the kitchen, I'll comment about it and sometimes things just take off.  Facebook is an insteresting place to get feedback on what to write about too.   The Key Lime Pie recipe that I posted the other day got a lot of comments in Facebook before it made it here. If you follow that recipe, you will want the Meringue recipe story that followed it the next day.   I'm still annoying people with my recipe for Butter and Biscuits.  It can't be too bad of an annoyance since they're popular postings.

So what is next?   Hey, the pressure is off right?   I can skip a day?  I'll try not to.  I'm actually involved with four blogs and websites so that is a lot of writing.  I will keep plenty of pictures around so I can bang out a posting, and hopefully get a few days ahead like I prefer.  I usually set my posts to go off at 8 AM, plus or minus.

There is an RSS feed, and apparently there are quite a few of you out there reading this blog that way.  RSS will let you know when something gets published, but it does miss Google Analytics, so the count there and on Blogger do not match.  From what I can see its usually around 2.5 to 1 in favor of RSS.

Those web pages that I'm doing?

This one here - is the first.  My open letter to my sister - Hi Pat!  There is a Facebook Group that you can find by searching for Ramblingmoose as well.

I do some web development for Fr John at here in Wilton Manors.  I have a long list of things to do with that site to bring it up to par and add some things... we are thinking about how to extend his reach so that they can help more people.  He has his own blog at and Newdivinemercy has its own facebook group.

I am also the person making the postings at the fairly new blog at after being made the Social Media director with Wilton Manors Main Street.  You can follow our postings there or on Facebook too - we have a group made up there.  I have a lot of help making postings for Main Street which is great because they have a lot of good work to do.  If you are nearby, drop in and chat with us, we'd really like to hear your input and we are looking for volunteers and members.

The last web page is not the least... I'm helping Joe Angelo in his effort to become the next Mayor for the City of Wilton Manors.  Joe is a great guy and has a lot of good ideas.  He's a coalition builder and has a lot of knowledge to share.  After all, the man has gone to Harvard for an advanced degree in Political Science and wants to come back here to help us.  His web page is at and you can also find his Facebook group at "Joe Angelo for Mayor of Wilton Manors" or his twitter feed at gojoeformayor.

Maybe I'll take a break but probably not... there are a lot of pictures to write about.

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  1. I like the new design. Keepin' it fresh is a good thing!