Friday, October 9, 2009

Home Churned Butter Recipe - In 5 minutes?

Sure... and it works. 

I have been teasing people with this for a couple weeks now.   There's a viral web video running around talking about how you can make butter in your own kitchen.  Being boring and not having a real life helps when you're looking for weird recipes, and I was bored enough to try this one out.

The recipe is dead simple.

1 Pint of Heavy Whipping Cream.
up to 1/2 teaspoon of salt - Optional but it helps preserve your Butter.  Your choice, and I used 1/4 tsp.

Add both to the Cuisinart and Turn on.

The trick in this is knowing when to stop.   The mix will splash, turn into whipped cream, cottage cheese, then start to thicken and eventually turn "butter yellow".   While you're watching this, if you see things pile up on the walls of the cuisinart, stop it, scrape the sides, and push it all back into the goo at the bottom of the mixing bowl.   Then turn it all back on again.

We all know what Butter Yellow is and that is where you should stop. 

Now, you will have some Butter Yellow Solids, and some milky liquid inside the mixing bowl.  Pour off the liquid into a jar.  That is the buttermilk.   Fresh Buttermilk!   Don't throw this stuff out, please!   Make Biscuits from the buttermilk.  I never had the stuff until 2008 and it is wonderful for baking.

You're not quite done yet.   Now that it is drained, scoop out your butter into small containers and squeeze out the extra buttermilk while you're doing it.   Doing so will let your butter have a longer shelf life and you will have more buttermilk for your biscuits.   Yes, Biscuits.   I'll give you a short, bulletproof recipe in another posting.

The butter will freeze, the buttermilk will not.   Leave out enough butter in the refrigerator for a couple days or up to a week of normal use.   Freeze the rest.  This butter will be a little less firm than you're used to but that's perfectly OK.  I did say that, Freeze the restOnly leave in the refrigerator what you need for a couple days.   There are no preservatives and this is some of the best and freshest butter you will ever taste unless you live on a farm and make your own.

It is a bit more expensive since Heavy Cream runs at $2.65 at Publix for the pint or $3 a quart at GFS.  Do this for a party or for someone you truly care for and wish to impress.

Highly recommended and when you tell them where you got this at a party, you will become a Kitchen GOD!

Since you're going to be a Kitchen GOD, feel free to click on an ad and become even more divine.


  1. Yummy sounds good-I Love love me some butter!

  2. Trust me, Pat it is! And it is just as easy as that *snap*!