Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bahama Village Gate Picture

I seem to have managed to get the same picture as the street view for this spot so here is the close up for the sign.   What this is is the gate to Bahama Village in Key West.   I use that sign as a way to get to some restaurants down in the village that I wouldn't go to after dark since most of them are closed, but during the day it's quite safe even if you aren't as tall as I am.

I have always been treated well, and I suspect that there's an interesting cultural difference in that area.   In most suburban areas, you can walk anywhere.  You will be watched and seemingly ignored while people will notice from behind windows and blinds.   Try it in a suburban tract home development and you will see what I mean.  

I've walked through Bahama Village, during the day, and I've noticed that the folks there will actively go out of their way to meet your gaze and say hello.  I have always thought of it their way of saying "Look Mr Tourist, this is my home and neighborhood and there aren't too many things you'd really want to see here but enjoy your walk and if you're lost we can help". 

Much nicer than being ignored any day.

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