Thursday, October 8, 2009

Key West Trip

I am heading to Key West for a few days away.   I've been planning this trip since last June (2008) when my good friend came by to stay and got called home way too soon for his and my own good.   I'll be back on Monday just in time to start the new job the next day.   

When I am there, I'll continue to think up some stories to ramble on about.   I'll probably write them, and interleave them with the ones I have in backup.   I tend to take a lot of pictures, and as you may have noticed, my picture postings tend to be a much shorter variety. I try to keep at least a week or two in backup so if anything keeps me busy this moves on its own for a little bit.

For now I'll leave you with these links from Google.   

Street view of the Southernmost Monument isn't available.   The bozo who took pics for Google missed the block.   I'll have to take the stereotypical shot of it when I get there... 

I started playing around with street view to give you a link and thought you'll do better if I wait for later...  Despite what they Conchs say, KW is not technically the southernmost point in the US.   There's some island south of Key West that is uninhabited still on the continental shelf.   Tell that to someone from there just to annoy them.  :)

If you want to see the southernmost point of US1 it is at Whitehead and Fleming Street.  The Mile 0 sign is on the right of this view, with the big brick building behind it.   The other end of that "street" is in Fort Kent, ME and a world away.

By lunch I'll be in the Big Black Jeep Named Darth and hopefully heading south listening to some really schweet RnB from 1982 on the iPod.


  1. Have fun Bill-what happened to the different links on your blog?

  2. The adverts? I've got some things I have to work out with Google. Search box is broke too. Too close to when I leave so it will have to wait until I get to KW.