Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Amazon.com can be annoying

I am sure that they have legions of programmers and marketers and psychologists working there.   They're all there for one goal - to get you to buy something.   So why are they trying to annoy me?   Am I missing something?  Do they need to be shown how to properly write a website?

Marketing Rule Number One - never annoy your customers.

I went back to Amazon.com for the first time in a very long time today.  They had the best price for K9 Advantix.   Living in South Florida, having flea protection for your dogs and cats is a requirement.  It is simply not an option.   If your pet goes outside, your pet needs to be protected.   I had run out of the stuff so I took to online to find the best price.  Out of all the local big box stores, and the vet prices, they were the best by about $20 for a 6 month supply and that is significant.  

I hadn't gone back for so long that they had dropped my sign-on so I re-added myself.   First annoyance is that they insisted that I had lived in another city and wanted me to confirm that I really really really did live in Wilton Manors.  One of three zip codes and they're all shared with adjacent cities. 

I went to confirm the address and there was no OK Button.   Turns out that my ad blocker was blocking the OK button.  When I turned that off, I remembered why I didn't like Amazon.  Not only do they have their own merchandise, they insist that you look at advertisements for OTHER merchandise.  Now I'm assaulted by their advertising for themselves and the latest and greatest crap from every other bozo that gets loaded in there.

Third annoyance was when I decided to look at their Gold Box Specials.   These are specials that are supposed to be better than their usual ones so I thought why not give them a chance.  All 323 items, 65 pages of them.   I got to about page 10 and decided that was pointless.   Another chance for a sale gone Amazon.com.

Finally I had the last annoyance.   I went into their netbook store and tried to look around.   Sure, they showed you the products but the prices were all "Click to See Price".   No Thanks, I closed the session and I'll go to Dealnews for general merchandise specials or Pricewatch for computer spot prices.  If they lead me to Amazon, I'll go through their idiocy but wny bother going there directly?

Am I missing something?

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