Sunday, October 18, 2009

GIMP and Photoshop Red Eye Reduction in Dog Pictures

Lettie the Superdog is shooting Laser Beams at you!  Oooooh!  She pays attention to me and does That Look frequently.  Sitting in the Poang means I'm at Dog's Eye Level and she gets attention when she wants it.
So I grab my camera since she came over to look to see what I was doing with it and take a picture.   While I wouldn't call myself A Photographer, I do take Better Than Average pictures.  Maybe a B or a B+ with the camera.  Occasional moments of genius just like everyone else.   Unfortunately the Red Eye Reduction on my camera doesn't cancel it out and I get glowing yellow Laser beams from Mrs Dog that I have to edit out in GIMP by coloring it in pixel by pixel.   Red Eye Removal doesn't work when you're not working with a Human, and you've got yellow glowy things. 

GIMP is an Free and Open Source project that allows you to do Just About Anything that the proprietary and costly Photoshop will do.   Its not exactly simple to use but it will do what you need when you learn how it wants to be used - you work with GIMP not use GIMP it seems.

Other than just coloring it out to black or charcoal or hitting delete, if anyone has a better idea, I'd welcome it.

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