Monday, October 5, 2009

Shoe-Goo Review

Despite sounding like a weird kid's show from the 70s, I'm talking about a product here.  It has a funny name but it works.   Amazingly well.  10 out of 10! what else can I say?

Shoe-Goo is a clear adhesive that comes in a big tube like toothpaste.  Basically this stuff is waterproof when dry, acts like glue and is very durable while in use.   It had been suggested to me back in the 80s for use in giving some favorite sneakers some extra life and it did that too.  Stick a blob of it on the sole of your shoe where your weight wear marks are and the shoes will last longer.   I've used it to coat the heel inside of a pair of sneakers since I tend to wear them out way before the shoes are gone and it helps.

I've also found that Shoe-Goo works better than the normal Vinyl repair kits that supposedly vulcanize a patch to a Vinyl inflatable.   I've been using an inflatable bed for about 3 years now and they really aren't built for that purpose.   Very comfortable but about every other month it springs another leak.  Find the leak, clean off the vinyl, cut a patch to fit and goo up both sides.   I'm good for a while where the patch kit that came with the bed created patches that just didn't work.

I have tried it on various things that need a durable fix, especially since I'm big and tend to break things.   I have used it to waterproof surfaces including electronics since they don't seem to be effected by it and add some heft which may help.   I have an old Wifi "thumbdrive" network card that got broken.  I soldered that back together and used Shoe-Goo to make sure it wouldn't break again.

I only have one complaint.   Shoe-Goo is hard to find.   I have to go out of my way to find an old line hardware store to buy the stuff which I tend to forget which one I bought it at last time out.   As my sister and my partner will tell you, by the time something wears out and I toss it, I've repaired it a couple times, and Shoe-Goo does help.   Now, if I could only remember where that hardware store is, because I'm getting low again!

Shoe-Goo to the rescue!

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