Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome Readers!

At this point I've been doing this a whole month give or take a couple of days.  Yeah big deal huh?

One thing that I had to do when I started this was to make sure I've got enough to read.  Ok, I've got a big mouth and talk way too long on things.   Great qualifications for a blog.   Another is that I can write a coherent sentence, even if I do run on a bit.  My British friends might say "You do bang on a bit don't you?".

Think of this as a view under the hood.  When you clicked on my blog you see my writings, my pictures, and Google's Advertisements.   I did the ad bit with Google Adsense and Google Analytics because I see the results of the Tip Jar get from a website I work on.   Practically nil.   But if you see something you like in the sidebars... I'll appreciate it greatly if you click.

But never mind that.   More importantly its interesting to see that already I'm getting trends.   My readers, most of whom are family, some may become family if I don't get boring, tend to hit this blog at certain times of day.   Go to work, open a browser, do a search and stumble upon ... Me.   The 9AM hour is the most popular time for all you folks to pay a visit.   So if you're sitting in an office, reading this, have a bit of coffee for me and I'll try to keep it interesting.

Otherwise I get another peak in the evening hours.   6 to 9pm or 1800 to 2100 if you use that notation.  Settle in for dinner, have some TV on in background or perhaps music, and read.

It all sounds rather normal to me.   Thats when I do my own surfing so I'll try to keep things interesting for you.   For now, I'm doing one post a day.   If that changes, you'll notice and I'll try to let you know.

Thanks for listening, I do appreciate it!

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