Monday, October 12, 2009

Jewfish Creek Bridge, Florida Keys picture

This is one of the first tall bridges that you hit when you are driving South on US1, The Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys.   It is a recent structure, a replacement for a drawbridge that was only a few feet above the water level and a welcome improvement.

Actually it is a welcome improvement to all except the few businesses that are down on the little island that it soars over.   I suspect that they will close since when you drive past them, you really have no idea that they are there.

It is a rather pretty land although it is somewhat stark in its appearance.   Clear blue water, green grass, wildlife but a very flat environment.   Miles of beauty if you stop to see it, miles of flat straight boring road if you don't.   The keys are a place that are best seen outside of your car, not at 45 MPH. 

Oh and stay out of the Shell places.   They're tourist traps that sell bags of shells that are imported from somewhere else and cheap plastic toys that are certainly not made in the local areas.  The local handicrafts are there, but you do have to hunt them out.  If there is a sticker on the bottom saying "China", you do not need it.

So get out of your car, walk the beach and look for your own shells, you will be glad you did.

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