Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Wonder Car of Key West - Picture

What do you do with your car when it starts to get a little older and you don't want to replace it.   Some folks will repaint it, ignore the thing and let it get worse or muddle on with compounds and wax.

Then there are the Art Cars.   There is something of a tradition in Key West of Art Cars.   You could walk all over the island and liberally scattered through out you would find a car decorated with mirrors or little troll dolls or other cars.   Some folks find them weird and detract from the owner's creativity.  I find them always interesting and much better than the Boom Cars with the low profile tires, candy colored metallic paint and over sized stereos that you can hear in the next county.

This person obviously likes bright colors.   They are in a Conch House, a shot gun house anywhere else, with brightly colored fabric in the front to block the sun and views from the street, and decided to color coordinate the Focus Station Wagon in front to match.   Station Wagons are frightfully boring no matter who builds them, and smaller ones tend to be about as boring as they get... but this one is cute.   Putting Primary Colored circles all over this car turned it into a Wonder Bread Bag.   Ok Wonder Bread is bland and barely edible, so maybe this was what the artist was going for when they designed this, but I do like the result and all the implications.  It certainly diverted your eyes from the scruffy homes around this one place at least for a little bit.

A good friend has said to me that Good Art Makes You Think.   I think I got a blog posting out of it as well as a picture.

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