Sunday, October 25, 2009

Global Warming or just a truly bad movie?

I'm sitting here watching this movie called "Where the Hell's that gold?".  This movie is so appallingly bad that I wonder why Encore put it on let alone it got filmed.  Answer would be Filler for Encore and Delta Burke and Gerald Mc Raney needed to make some money.  It could have been so fun with Delta playing "A Painted Lady", a Madam really,  in the old west with Willie Nelson as a love interest and Jack Elam as a Crusty Old Buddy.

Instead what I'm doing is sitting here watching them spar back and forth in that "Love Fighting" you see in all of these movies and wondering... Why is it that all these cowboys in Mexico on a train in the warmer season (No steam in their breath) are wearing Jackets AND Vests?  After all, they end up heading towards Del Rio, Texas at the end of it.   The place looked windy and green.   Wet season would be late Spring/Summer, Right?

Then I realized, Burke and Mc Raney are Republicans.   They tend not to be thorough in their ... research.

(Ok, I couldn't resist the Pot Shot!)

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