Monday, October 26, 2009

Antonia's Alley Key West Picture

Sometimes there are spots that you just wouldn't expect to see right in the middle of it all.  On Duval Street in Key West, in the center of the touristy business district, there's a rather nice restaurant called Antonia's that serves Italian Food.   I've been told it is still a good restaurant, the locals seem to think so.   Since Italian food really isn't my favorite, I passed on the restaurant this last short trip.  

The day I took my pictures, I was looking over my shoulder and saw this alleyway.   Way towards the back there was a rooster and hen scratching around, and yes there are wild chickens roaming "Free Range" in downtown Key West, and I was trying to get a picture of them.   They were too far off but I did get a rather nice view of this alley.   Looking at it it struck me just exactly how peaceful it looked in the middle of all those tacky T Shirt Shops and plastic gimmickry.   Bougainvillea vines to the right, Ferns on the left, chickens ahead on the Brick Pavers and it was a very nice pace to step back out of the bustling crowds before going onwards for more ... of the same.

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