Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cargo Ships in the Port - Picture

Looking out on the opposite side of the bridge from yesterday's picture, you get to see a whole side of Fort Lauderdale you just don't expect from the tourist's brochures.

Beyond the Posh homes on the water, and the bars with rude themes that are there to separate the barely legal crowd from their money when they arrive, there's the other side of Fort Lauderdale.

Believe it or not, we actually do have industry here.  Fort Lauderdale is a major port of entry for Cruise Ships, and Container Shipping comes into the port.  The Port itself is a vast area that you can see from the bridge with large cruise ships that look like a skyscraper parked on the water, waiting for their inflow of the partiers and passengers to go to places in the warm tropical sun.  The container ships are there to send things on their way.  Since we have excellent rail access, we get full trains in and out of the port that go to points North.

Sure, you can lay on the sand and never see this side of the city, but you wouldn't have the entire story.  I used to do just that, and wondered how they could have these big ships just off shore where we were.  After all didn't they know that WE were here to enjoy the sand and sun? 

Ahh snowbirds.  You are such a confused lot.

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