Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shells on a Post - Picture

These little things are everywhere.  I'm also taking this picture in close up.  They are small, around the size of the nail on your smallest finger.

When I say they're everywhere, they literally are stuck to things all over the place.   If you leave something outside long enough in the right spot, one of these snails will climb up and anchor itself on it.

I have no idea what they're called, or what they're doing there, but this caught my eye.   This particular post is the beam holding up the neighbor's mail box.  It sits in full sun, and I'm looking at it from the Northwest, roughly. 

I've even found one or two stuck to the side of my tires on the Jeep, but they didn't last long.

This particular post caught my eye when I was walking back to the house after running some errand that early evening.  I have the good fortune to have two folks across the street who I can consider friends.  I did joke that night to one of them that I wanted to get a picture of their new pets and pointed to the post.

Better to have outdoor wildlife than to bring them inside, and more people can enjoy them that way.

I've stepped on them as they made it across the yard in the dark, and have found the shells emptied on the pavement after they crunched under foot.  I guess it's better than those Apple Snails we've got all over the place.  I see those at night after a rain and start thinking about French Cooking and how much garlic it would take to turn one into Escargot, then realize that it might be best to stick with store bought food. 

After all, I know the dog that waters the yard.

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