Monday, April 18, 2011

Spot the House at M.E. DePalma Park - Picture

After a week of house guest, and taking the camera all over town.  I settled in to look through my recent pictures and came across this one.

This is a view of the "pocket park" nearby called M.E. DePalma Park. 

It isn't so notable for the fact of what I'm showing here, but more for what I am not showing.  

The view is looking from NE 21st Street looking through the park toward the North.  It is parallel to NE 7th Avenue in Wilton Manors.  This neighborhood is what they would call "Thickly Settled".  I suspect Suburban or even Urban might be a good name for the development scheme in this little part of Wilton Manors.  The sliver of land that was turned into a natural garden by M.E. DePalma, Skip and all the rest is not all that large.  It is roughly the size of a small lot.  The reason why the City ended up with it was partly due to it's size.  Since it's smaller than normal, it was deemed unworthy of being built upon and ended up going fallow. 

With the excellent care that has been given it, the little park is beginning to fill in.  At the back of this park, you can just make out the roof line of the house behind it and the back wall of its Garage. 

Barely.  It's not so apparent until you look at the picture full size. 

That is the charm of the little park.  If you turn just the right way you can forget, maybe for a few seconds, that you are in the middle of the urban sprawl that is South Florida as you're being buzzed by flocks of Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies and treated to the acrobatics of the local dragonflies as they hunt for their daily meal of Mosquitoes.

Go get 'em Dragonflies!  I for one am tired of swatting the pests.

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