Tuesday, April 8, 2014

February Flowers in April

Lets see what is wrong with my doing this today?

It's April and the picture is from February.

Today is the last day of life for Windows XP and I should be doing a Rant about that. 

Never mind that, I'm bored with Windows XP and all my machines that had it are running Linux or Windows 7.

Actually the thing is that I do take a lot of pictures.  A friend who got me into photography back in the days of the Film Camera, said always take two pictures so you can choose the best.   Sometimes I take many more than that on one subject then use Photoshop or just a judicious crop to get the best view.

It may look like a bunch of colorful weeds, but it is a bunch of Florida Native Flowers plus one butterfly.  I did take the picture back in early February in M.E. DePalma Park here in Wilton Manors and wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

I set that picture aside and put up more traditional ones.  Took more to illustrate something else like baking or computer repair.  But this one kept saying "Send Me In Coach". 

That's me.  Coach.  So, today it spoke.

One afternoon over the weekend I brought it up and made it go full screen.  Immersed in the view on the big monitor I waited.  Played with the crop.  I exposed and underexposed the picture.   I left it sit in Photoshop overnight and returned the next day.  Then I looked at just the butterfly.  Maybe the red flowers.

I realized it made me content just to look at the flowers over the last two months so I thought I would just share it as is.  Contentment is important.  Anyone who has ever taken yoga understands that well, and it is so fleeting in this society where people think it is normal to be driving a car over the yellow line of the road while texting.

Luckily it's nearby and available.  Even with my old and banged-up "Hobby Grade" camera, I can get results when you have models like this little butterfly to pose for you.

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