Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Bacon Tree

The Bacon Tree

3 men are wandering hopelessly through the desert, having had no food or drink for days. When suddenly up ahead they see a tree.

"A tree!" Says the first guy, " Maybe there's water nearby!"

"Maybe it bears fruit" says the next man.

So they start walking towards it. As they get nearer they are shocked to see that there are pieces of meat growing from the branches.

"Bloody hell, there's bacon growing on that tree!" Says the first guy, and he runs straight towards it. As he gets there, he reaches out to grab a piece of bacon, when all of a sudden...BANG!...the guy is shot dead.

The other 2 men stop dead in their tracks.

"What was that?!" Says one of them.

Second one replies "That's no bacon's a ham bush!"

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