Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Farmer Meets With The Banker Annually

The Farmer has to meet with the banker, talk about the crops for the year, talk about grain prices, and try to forecast the year's output to plan out expenses for the year.

When the banker arrives at the farm he notices a very tame and friendly pig, running around as if nothing's wrong, had a wooden leg. If you didn't know any better you would think the pig was a dog, would help the old farmer out of his truck, hold the spring gate open for him, just a wonderful pig.

As the farmer explains his planting strategy, watering plans, etc, the banker gets ever more curious about the pig and it's wooden leg, and decides to asks about the pig.

The farmer explains, "This pig?! Oh, this is a wonderful pig, early this spring, the chickens were awoken by a fox in the middle of the night, and the pig stormed in there and chased off the fox, such a wonderful pig."

Mid-way through the season, the banker's curiosity gets the best of him and decides to do a wellness check on the farmer and as he pulled up, noticed the pig had two wooden legs.

The farmer instantly explains about forecasts and how he wouldn't have any trouble paying his loan in full, but the banker isn't interested, and asks again about the pig.

"Oh this pig?!", exclaims the farmer, "such a wonderful pig. Just last week, it saved my life. I fell in the kitchen, and he ran 5 miles to the neighbors to get help, just such a wonderful pig".

Normally, the bank only meets with the farmer annually, but had to know the story with the pig and two wooden legs, he makes up another story to check in on the farmer after harvest time. Upon arrival, notices the same pig, this time with three wooden legs.

He meets the farmer at the gate with his pet pig, and the farmer is confused why the banker is there. The debts are paid up, but the Banker explains, "Sorry to drop in on you, but before I forget, why does your pet pig have three wooden legs?"

The farmer asks, "If you had such a wonderful pig, would you eat him all at once?"

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