Sunday, March 3, 2019

Damn dude, you must be very good at Limbo. We set the bar really low and you still managed to go under it.

Now this one is a bit long, but it definitely did surprise me.  

There is a store in Spain that sells exquisite handmade writing instruments.

This store has all kinds of bespoke fountain pens and rollerball pens and even ball point pens. There are pens made of fine hard woods and precious metals inlaid with all kinds of gems. These pens are all handmade by artisans who have been in the business for generations.

But what really sets this shop apart is their ink master. Most people buy pens with black ink or blue ink or even red ink, mostly because they do not know the world of colors of ink available at this shop. These fine inks are carefully blended by this ink master, a prodigy among those with a sense for color. There are colors so deep you feel you could fall into them, so vibrant you'd think they were alive, and so bright you'd think they were on fire. Every color imaginable and some you can't even imagine are available here.

However the ink master is rarely at the store, he travels the world sourcing ingredients for his magnificent inks. Velvet Red ink made from the shell of a Japanese beetle. Royal blue ink made from the petals of an African flower that only blooms once every four years. Making sure these ingredients are available for his customers keeps this whiz of ink away for months sometimes years at a time.

But while people come from all over the world to buy this artisan ink maker's products, very few ever actually think they'll get a chance to meet him.

Because nobody expects the Spanish ink whiz is in.

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