Saturday, March 2, 2019

To be Frank... I'd have to change my name

Sitting in bed the other night, I asked my wife, “Honey, if I died, would you let your next husband have my recliner”?

She replies, “Well it would be a waste not to, he may find it comfortable”.

Then I ask, “What about my boat”?

And she says, “I just don’t think you will be needing your boat after your gone. We may retire and do a lot of fishing”.

So I did some thinking and asked, “How about my truck, surely you’ll sell it because all of the memories of us riding in it together will be too much for you to bear and too awkward with your next husband”.

She replies, “You know, it is paid for with low miles, I’ll probably hang on to it”.

Then, getting kinda nervous, I said, “Well SURELY you wont let him have my golf clubs”?

To which my wife responds, “Oh no honey, don’t worry about that, he’s left handed”.

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