Saturday, March 16, 2019

Why do chicken coops have 2 doors? If they had 4 doors they'd be chicken sedans

Ok, Car Manufacturers.  A Coupe in US English is a car with two doors.
A Sedan in US English is a car with four doors.
Mixing the two is bad US English.

As usual, I refuse to play along with that folly.

But since that really was all about chicken coops and not chicken coupes I will soldier onward and continue shouting at the ocean, Harald.

A man from Maine heads to Florida for a weekend trip.
The man’s wife is coming to see him the next day.

He checks into a hotel room and opens his laptop.
He sends her a brief email to let her know he got to his destination safely.

Unfortunately, he makes a typo in the address and the email is sent to the elderly wife of a minister who had recently passed away.

When the grieving widow checks her email later that day, she lets out a scream and falls to the floor.

Her children come rushing in to find the following on her screen:

Dearest Wife,
I have just arrived. Everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you.
Your loving Husband

P.S. : It sure is hot down here!

An old man goes to a restaurant.

He sits down and orders his favorite bowl of soup.

After a small wait the waiter returns with his bowl of soup.

A few minutes go by and the waiter returns and asks the older gentleman how his soup his.

“It’s ice cold” says the man. “Impossible!” Says the waiter “I watched the chef pour it straight from the pot on the stove”

This exchange goes on for quite a while, until finally the old man says “if you don’t believe me just try it”

The waiter throws his hands up and says “fine! Give me your spoon”

The old man smiles looks down at his bowl and says “ahaaaaa, you forgot my spoon”

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