Saturday, September 21, 2019

I don’t have a “dad bod.”... I have a father figure.

While I don't live in a city where the parking is outrageous, they do tend to nickle and dime you in South Florida. 

If you want to go anywhere these days, including some shopping malls, there are meters waiting for you.

I fail to see this as an improvement on life and avoid meters where possible.

On the other hand, having lived in big cities before, I do enjoy this woman's creativity in this story.

A young aristocratic woman pulls up to a large New York bank in her Rolls Royce.

She parks in front of the bank and goes inside where she is greeted by a banker.

"Hi, Sir. I would like to take out a loan using my Rolls Royce as collateral" the woman says to the banker.

"Yes ma'am. How much money will you need to borrow?" he asks.

"$500.00 please" says the woman.

"Ma'am, that car is easily worth $200,000! Are you certain you only want $500?".

She reassures him that is all she needs and she will be back in 30 days to pay the loan balance plus interest in full.

The banker can't believe it, but he writes up the paperwork, has her sign and gives the woman her money. He then orders security to move the car down to the vault where it can be safely stored as collateral. He laughs with his co-worker about how much of a idiot this woman is!

30 days later the woman returns to the bank with $534.00, the amount of the loan plus one month interest, just as she promised.

As the banker is waiting on the car to be brought up, he can't help but ask the woman why she used her $200,000 car on a $500 loan.

She replied "I didn't need the $500 but I was leaving the country for a month and needed a secure place to store my car. $34 is WAY cheaper than anywhere else in New York."

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