Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year Everyone!

 Happy New Year everyone!

I am not sure of the significance of all those food rituals.

Black Eyed Peas aren't in my pantry.

I do have a few Brats and some Sauerkraut in the fridge so if I remember, that is dinner.

Lunch is already planned since someone has chased me out of the kitchen and is making Boeuf Bourginion in the Instant Pot.

However I did shout "Jumanji!" when I woke up.  That scared the dog but he was still rattled by the mental midgets that were firing off fireworks from 7PM to Midnight around me.

Really?  Five Hours of it?  To turn the page on a calendar? 

To quote Red Forman from That 70's Show:  Dumbass!

Anyway, I'm sipping coffee, finishing up a Crumpet from a recipe on here, and thinking Happy New Year to all.

May we all be here in 2021 happy and healthy to go through another trip around the giant fiery orb in the sky next January, once again!

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