Sunday, July 17, 2022

What do you get when you cross a volcano with a fruit? A lavacado!

You will have to tell me if this is an appropriate story for a Sunday.  I think so but other than giggling at this and putting it out for the world to see, my standards might be a little bit low.

4 religious women were chatting

First woman mentions her son:
-My son is a priest, whenever he enters a community, people stand up and call him, "Father, welcome"

The second woman doesn't seem impressed:
-My son is a bishop, people call him "Your excellency" when he is in a community.

The third woman talks after listening to the first two:
-My son is a cardinal, when he is in a formal setting, people call him "Your eminence", and they kiss his hand. He has also met the Pope.

The fourth woman doesn't speak, the others ask her: "You have a son too, right? Why don't you talk about him?"

The fourth woman says:
-Well, my son is a 29 year old; young, rich, tall, handsome, athletic and fashionable man. When he enters a community, all the women lean into each other's ear and whisper "Oh my Lord".

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