Saturday, July 30, 2022

Rest in peace boiling water you will soon be mist

Gees, everyone has an angle these days!



A guy starts his new job and makes it a habit to get coffee from the nearby cafe and give some of the change to the same homeless guy.

As the time progressed the homeless guy notices that over the years the amount he received was going down.
He stops the guy one day and asks if everything is going ok.

The guy lets out a sigh and tells him. "See when I first started, I was single so I could afford to give you $20. Later on I met someone and we started dating so I could only afford to give you $10. Things got more serious and we ended up getting married so I could then only afford to provide you with $5. More time passed by and we were blessed with a child so I could only spare $1."

After hearing this the homeless guy got up and looked at the man with indignation and yelled: YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT YOU HAVE BEEN RAISING YOU'RE FAMILY WITH MY MONEY!???

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