Wednesday, October 19, 2022

I Got Yer Beanstalk Right Here, Jack!

I have to keep cooked beans on hand.  I don’t mean occasionally, I mean all the time.  You see Our Dog Rack The McNab Superdog (TM) can’t have a normal dog diet.

In the long run that’s a good thing since I am not prone to losing a loved one who I have known for 12 years due to a food recall where dogs were dying due to kidney failure.   I had that happen once already with Lettie The McBorder SuperDog (TM).  I won’t have that again.

On the other hand, it’s a lot of work and Rack can’t have a list of foods such as Chicken and Grain.  Any of them.  Not even the esoteric ones like quail.  I can feed him beef and do, I have given him pork to uneven results.

That leads to my keeping a recipe that I have made public here on my blog.  I have the cooking down to a science which is good because the recipe only makes three days worth.  Twice a week I make more.

But that also means my freezer is chock full of meta ingredients to go into this.  The Beans I got smart with a couple years ago and stopped getting them in the cans.   I buy bulk kidney beans and cook them in the pressure cooker – instant pot to the normies.

Recipe – 1 hour under pressure, 15 minutes rest, manual release.  3 parts water, 1 part beans, a half teaspoon of baking soda.

But you are told rinse your beans and pick off any of the “floaters”.  Ok, I do.  I also am a veteran gardener.  I toss the extras in the garden and don’t think twice of it.  

I have never gotten anything out of that until this time.  A Week Ago.  Now I have these things coming out of the pots I keep on the front porch.  Those are my nursery pots for Basil right now, some Crotons for display later, and these beans.

I just did not expect them to grow so fast.  Or really at all.

I was told that now I have proven that I have the gardening skills of a Second Grader.  The story was that typically you get a little bean to plant and watch it grow.  I didn’t, I got a sunflower and to this day I truly enjoy them.  Just never beans.

I am amused by the little beanstalks and how quickly they sprouted for some beans that were floaters.

So Rack and Jack will have their beans.  They’re also good in a salad, trust me.


  1. Thank you! I have used a pressure cooker for nigh on 50 years, but I didn’t know it was an instant pot. I had heard the term “instant pot” and thought it was something new.
    Greetings from Australia.

  2. Hi Em!

    Greetings from Florida. Both the "Instant Pot" and the "Crock Pot Express" are electrically powered pressure cookers. They do the same job as the old school ones that scare me that you put on the stove and seal down with a safety valve.

    Probably the easiest way I have ever found to make dry beans without soaking and going through the whole ritual of going to table.

    The plants are now about knee high. We have to grow things during Northern Hemisphere Winter if we expect to have a crop. My climate here in South Florida is like Townsville, QLD.