Sunday, October 16, 2022

What instrument do fish play? The bass guitar

I'm feeling generous.  Just got back from a 20 mile bike ride and watched the sun come up over Fort Lauderdale.  All relaxed, finished some incredible French Toast with home made Mango Jelly and real Maple Syrup, have my coffee, and some great music on the speakers.  Time for the locker room.

But here... well I have four little short gems for you to enjoy, my furry friends.  Yes, internet points if you know what that references.

So enjoy my little four-play... Hey! Wait!  Not like that!


Pigeon problem

Visited a friend on the eighth floor of her old government office building in Washington.
There were hundreds of pigeons sitting on the ledge along the building outside the windows, making noise and pooping, two inches deep in some places.
They were really annoying.
I asked her if they'd tried getting rid of them.
She said, "See those wires along the ledge?
They are carrying 1000 volts. We thought that would get rid of them, but it didn't phase them a bit."
I told her "I'm not surprised. That's AC current, and these are DC pigeons."

I was really happy when I opened four birthday cards and found a total of $200 in them.

I love being a postman.

I said to my gym teacher

How often would I have to come in here to learn to do the splits.
He said it depends how flexible are you? I said well I can’t do mondays.

My wife and I where arguing if I need to see a Podiatrist or not.

I really thought I did not need to, but I stand corrected.

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