Wednesday, January 18, 2023

So why heat the house when you can heat the potatoes?

I'm glad I have Impact Glass.  Typically called Hurricane Glass, it's a step or three below "Bullet Proof" but it is nice and solid.  Not only does it muffle sounds from outside, but it blocks the winds dead in their tracks.

The house used to have Jalousie Windows, slats of glass that were designed to let the winds flow through.  They work great in warm climate if you are trying to cool the place naturally, but if you are trying to use an HVAC system (Heater or Air Conditioning) you are also heating or cooling the outside.  The breezes used to leak through the house like a sieve.

So when you snowbirds hear a Floridian complain, they may not even have a heater in their house.

On the other hand, when you guys leave on Monday, kindly pack your weather in the overhead compartments with you.

For the most part, the weather moderates in about a week.  It is January after all.  This is what passes for winter.  We get a week of just barely above freezing with 34F/1C as the bottom of it then it's a long slog into the 90s by summer.

Summer hits and I am up at 5 in the morning trying to get in a workout before things get too hot in August.

Today was absolutely perfect for either of my two outdoor sports, Inline Skating or Cycling.  Light winds, a high in the mid afternoon in the mid 70s, that's about 25 of your Celsius. 

Remember, Fahrenheit is what your skin feels, Celsius is what water feels.

But here I was indoors and my toes were cold.  Don't ask, I had the heat on to a blistering 71F/22C.

How did I solve it?  Potatoes.  You see I tell people all the time, you always need extra roasted goods, more bread, perhaps a roast chicken.  Make one on a cold day.

The heater in this house is about as powerful as a blow dryer in Brighton, UK.  1200 Watts and 240 Volts.  I'm sure I will get corrected on that, but it's good enough for this prattle. 

So why heat the house when you can heat the potatoes?  At least I'll have hot potatoes for my dinner tonight.  A little cream cheese on top to add protein, a dusting of spices or some Barbecue sauce, and I'm happy.  Nice side for my Roast Pork.  Curried Potatoes anyone?

In case you are curious, it's at 450F/230C for 2 hours or until tender.  The leftovers may get used in a recipe I saw on a Cooking Show.  Seems you can pull the potatoes apart, then fry the wee little bite sized irregular chunks in hot oil and have crispy chunked potatoes.

Or rather I can.  It is mid afternoon and I'm hungry.  Since I burned breakfast and lunch in my morning workout, I'm looking at a caloric deficit for the day.  Light Cardio for me is 21 miles on the bicycle.

So enjoy your day.  I'm playing with my food like Mom warned me not to do when I was a wee brat.  But I'm playing with a purpose. 

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