Saturday, January 21, 2023

What is a car’s favorite artist? Van Gogh.

I have not flown since ... wow, the early 2000s?  In my case, it is not fear, it's all that garbage that has happened in the air industry since then.  Between Nickel and Dime-ing you to death to get you in a seat, then seats that someone who is 6'4" does not fit in, and having to take your shoes off before you get there? 

Thanks, I'll drive my Jeep and if I can't, I won't go.

A timid little man was terrified of flying, and was on a long distance trip.

He was on his first ever flight, and he had the window seat. Besides him sat a giant man, heavily tattooed, and not smelling the cleanest.

After the plane took off, the timid little fellow soon found himself feeling sick. But he didn't know how to get past the large fellow that sat between him and the way to the bathroom, especially because his neighbor was now fast asleep.

Suddenly it was too late, he couldn't help himself, and he got sick all over the other man. He frantically tried to wipe up the mess, hoping the giant wouldn't wake up.

Despite his best efforts, he noticed the man stirring, and his eyes opened. Thinking quickly, the timid little man smiled and said, "Are you feeling better now?"

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