Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy Holidays, Anyway!

After last night and the mortar shells that pass for fireworks here, I'm not in a very happy mood but Happy New Year to all.

Even to the Air BNB people that come to our town in droves to "visit".

All Damn Night with those fireworks?  Get a life.

I will say that if our cities, including my own, are not collecting taxes on these businesses that are literally feet from the door, they definitely need to consider imposing an impact fee.

We can't keep the businesses staffed since people generally don't want to work for low/slave/minimum wages, and frankly I don't blame them. 

In places where an impact fee exists, it is normally partially earmarked towards alleviating the pain of trying to live in a resort town by assisting those who currently work in that town.

After all, if I decided to operate a Smelting plant or a Junkyard on my property, the City would rightly have something to say about it.

But Happy New Year, anyway.

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