Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Trust in Dog, That's not a Train you hear, That's Rain

 I keep hearing someone say:
"March comes in like a lion, April like a lamb.
April Showers bring May flowers."


I usually respond, is that true for the tropics?  Tropics-Adjacent?

I don't know but here we are.  Getting knocked over.

You see me, I am standing at the front door.  It's almost all glass so you see all of me, head to toe. 

You also see nose prints on the window a little below knee high and my own.

But I WANNA go play outside!  WAAAAH!

This rain and wind nonsense on Day 6 has thrown me off my usual schedule.  I train often, I train hard, and I prefer to do it on a schedule.  Two days a week I skate.  Two days a week I cycle.

Trust me with that, fellow skaters, it will help you build your legs "symmetrically" so you don't have to worry about your knees.

But the third sport, if you can call it that, is walking. 

I walk a minimum of 3.5 miles a day.  5.67 Km a day.  Give or take.  Rack likes it that way.

Actually on cycle days in the summer, I tend to miss a mile but I'm out there going 20 plus miles (32km) on a bike so it does not matter.

First dog walk is normally a long one.  More than a mile.  Sometimes much more than that.  I do what we call a Dog Directed Walk.  I follow him, generally not the other way around.  The other walks are almost a predictable fixed route.

That first dog walk is for Him. 

I got out into the middle of the walk and I did notice that Rack the McNab SuperDog(TM) was acting... hesitant.

"What is it, boy?"
He looked at me and stepped in front of my feet.
"Hmm, a drop of rain on my arm."
I stopped and listened.
Off in the distance I heard a train.  That's actually normal here.  There's an active rail corridor about 3 blocks from the house.  There is freight and passenger rail that goes through and it's part of the rhythm of South Florida.

Pay attention to the signals and don't try to beat the trains.  You won't.

"Come on, show me walk, Rack!"
He led me right back to the house.

We were about a block or three away when that drop became a full on torrent.

"OK, you're right, lets get home!"  Opening my umbrella and continuing on.

He has not learned to sidle up next to me to stay in the dry and I suspect he never will.  Herding Dogs are smart, but they have their own "Dog Logic" and their own priorities. 

This is day six of this ... slop.  We've got a forecast of rain and thunder all week.  The winds are up with gusts over 30mph/50kph.  Rain is predicted.  Pretty much any time so bring the umbrella. 

Rack did it the last two days - got to a point, blocked me, we walked home, and missed the worst of the rain.  Today we were bone dry until I went out on my own.

A McNab Herding Dog can be smarter than a Human Being when it comes to rain, Trust In Dog.

And there I am standing at the front door leaving nose prints.  Rack is behind me wondering about all this. 

I say I brought it on.  I vacuumed the house, pulled an orphaned towel from behind the couch when I did.  Put that away and all the other towels sitting around.  The cars were washed.  Rack had a bath.

Three strikes we're out.

Now, if I could just find my flower seeds!  I had a container of Zinnia seeds on my table out front that had blown all over the place.  I have a feeling we will have some flowers in some truly weird spots.

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