Sunday, April 30, 2023

Why are fish low in fat? They eat fish all day.

Since my day has been changed around due to the weather (Tornado watch, a front coming in from the West, and high winds), I think this fits well.

A film crew is on location in Kenya, when a tribal shaman approaches the director and says….

“Tomorrow rain." The director pays no attention, but the following day it pours and shooting has to be delayed.
That night, the director sends his assistant to bring the shaman back.
"What will be the weather tomorrow?" asks the director.
"Bigger rain tomorrow, much wind," and sure enough a terrible storm once again delays the filming.
But then the witch doctor disappears for a week and the director, now depending on him, sends his people out to find him and bring him back to camp.
Finally, he is located and brought to the director's tent. "What will be the weather tomorrow?" asks the director in desperation.

"No idea," says the shaman, "Radio batteries dead."

Oh and since we donated a few books to the "Little Library" at the park, this seems appropriate.

Organization skills

A student had a problem with keeping things organized. He would often forget his assignments, lose his notes, or misplace his books.
One day, he realized he had lost his book about organizational skills and decided to go to the library to borrow a new one.
He asked the librarian for a book about keeping things organized and orderly and the librarian said, “Sure, we have plenty. Which one do you want?”
The student said, "It doesn’t matter, I’m just going to lose it anyway.

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