Sunday, April 9, 2023

A Bunch Of Easter "Flowers" for you!

I met a bishop at Good Friday mass today, but I’m a little suspicious.  He wasn’t moving diagonally.

What did the Roman soldier say on a Good Friday?  Nailed it!

Why did the blonde start looking for a new job?
Her boss texted they would be closed for good friday.

Why We Celebrate Easter

A teacher asks the Easter Sunday School "Why do we celebrate Easter?" Hands go up. "Emily!"
"Easter is when the three wise men came to give baby Jesus gifts" "No, Emily, that is Christmas."
"Who else knows? Bobby! " "Easter is when Jesus gave the loafs n fishes to feed the big crowd."
"No, that is a miracle Bobby." "Who can tell us why we celebrate Easter? Amanda!"
"Easter is the time of year when they put Jesus on a cross and he died and they put him in a toon."
"Yes! Very good, Amanda!"
"And if Jesus comes out of his toon and sees his shadow, then we will get six more weeks of winter!"

A pious man once encountered Jesus Christ and asked, "Lord, what is it that you desire from me?"
The messiah replied, "Follow me."

Together, they embarked on a journey that led them across a plain for two days.
The man, curious about their pilgrimage, asked, "Master, where are you taking me?"
To which Jesus replied, "Follow me."

They continued on for three more days, walking through a dense forest. The man, becoming tired and weary, inquired again, "Master, where are we headed?"
Jesus simply replied, "Follow me."

Eventually, they arrived at the base of a mountain so high that it was shrouded in clouds and snow. Jesus began to climb, and the man followed despite suffering from altitude sickness, exhaustion, and frostbite.
Four days later, they finally reached the summit, and the man asked with anticipation, "Master, what pilgrimage have you brought me on?" Jesus pointed in the distance and said,

"You can see my house from here!"

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