Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Green Onion Air Sprouts - Or When Internet Memes Go Too Far

I do a lot of these weird little internet memes.

They say they will give you more.  More Basil, More Miles, More everything.

More.  Literally.  In this case, it said Infinite Green Onions.

To Be Fair, it did promise other veg will root like this and I do have a pot in the backyard with an Avocado Tree growing as well as "Culinary Ginger" all over the place.

Culinary as in you can eat it, instead of the ornamental stuff which I really don't know about. 

And "Somebody Said" that the people back in the day were eating what we called "Onion Grass" back on the lawn in the prairies of South Jersey the same way I'm eating Green Onions.

That Somebody should realize nobody can eat quite that much Green Onions.

In the pot with the Avocado tree that is now about a foot tall, and the Culinary Ginger that grew from the extra Ginger we had when we made some Thai Ginger Chicken.  Oh the Ginger Chicken was excellent but when we cook here, I get a week or two of food as leftovers and everyone in the house gets one meal - not by my own preference mind you. 

So I took the Ginger that looked like it was sprouting and put it all over the yard.   About 3/4 of it is sprouting.

But back to the Green Onion.  Buy a bunch.  Use one or two plants.  The rest goes into a glass with water and stuffed in the refrigerator.  The refrigerator is so the mosquitoes don't find it because now in Florida, Mosquitoes carry Malaria. 

Yep, but for the moment it's on the west coast.  Not in Fort Lauderdale.

Anyway, now I have Green Onion growing everywhere because it roots more than the Ginger.  About 90% or more. 

That was about 2 months ago and one of those Green Onions, Scallions to the rest of us, is growing about as thick as a baby's arm and putting out flowers.

The flowers were pretty, they looked like a pouf on the end of a snow hat.  A Pompom.

I got real busy recently and couldn't go out to deal with my garden.  The pool also started to collect green patches but that is due to the extreme heat and sun we got over this month.

Yes, I even grow plants in the pool.  Algae to the rest of us.  When I scraped that stuff off the walls of the pool, it clogged the filter.

So my Baby's Arm Thick Scallions flowered and they did what most flowering plants do.  The flower stalk flopped over and started to grow on their own.

I don't need any more green onions!  Oh sure, I cut them up like chives on my potatoes and my pizzas, but I'm flooded with the stuff.

So the flower flopped over and gave me the finger.  That's what you're seeing up in that picture.  Had I planted the stuff, I'd be truly over the top with Onions. 

Even my eggs don't need quite that much green onions.

So yes, the internet meme works.  But it goes too far.  Just chop the bulb off a stalk, use the green in your salads or whatever you are cooking, and push the bulb into the soil.  I have way too good luck with just chopping off the bottom half inch and sticking that into the soil.

Now... the larger white onions?  No luck.

So good luck, I'll look for a different internet meme to play with.   I will say that a can of diet soda to a box of yellow cake mix works great and gives you 18 cupcakes at 90 calories a piece!

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