Sunday, July 9, 2023

Where do math teachers go on vacation? To time square.

 Ok, so I got preoccupied yesterday.  I missed posting anything.  Looking back, it was a whole lot of "meh" so well...

But this blog thing?  This particular one has about 500 readers a day, and I suspect that's only because I started in 2009 and have a LOT of things on here.  Recipes, help, and my own original content.

If you see an ad on here, I'm not getting anything from it.  I don't see them because I'm on Linux, run ad blockers, and have a massive /etc/hosts file that blocks most of the ad servers.  I will continue living an ad free life because even the US Government says that the ad network is corrupted by nasties that can ruin your day. 

Trojans, Virus, and more.  Ew.

So off the soap box and on to the weekend nonsense!

It was a day like any other at the office for Dave, when all of a sudden, a bear opens his door.

"We're out of coffee," says the Bear, and it left.

Dave was obviously surprised that a literal bear opened his door. He almost thought he may have been smoking something, but he brushed it off immediately. "Maybe someone is pulling a prank, I don't know." But later when he goes to the break room, he learns that they are definitely out of coffee.

The next day, Dave is at his workplace again, and wouldn't you know, the same bear opens the door.

"The AC is going out." says the Bear, and it left.

And of course, the AC went out. It was hot at his desk, and he tried to keep cool, but he got through the rest of the day. "This is just awful," says Dave.

And then on the third day, the bear opened his door again.

"You're being laid off." and the bear promptly left.

"WHAT?" he said. And just like that, he went to the manager's office to ask him directly. "Is it true? Am I really being laid off?"

"Oh," says the manager, "I was planning to tell you this afternoon, but yes its true. Who told you may I ask?"

"WHO TOLD ME?" says Dave. "There has a Bear visiting me every day at my office! Who is he?"

And the Manger says, "Oh he's new here. He is the Bear of Bad News."

Here's a short one for you.  CYA!

A customer came in and asked why her kids chew on their glasses.

I told her it's to prevent scurvy. Since glasses are high in vitamin see.

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