Saturday, July 1, 2023

Why did humans evolve to have two nostrils? So we can smell twice as good!

That one liner hasn't seen me after a couple miles on the trails but hey....

A woman goes on a business trip overseas, leaving her husband behind to look after the house and kids.

After a few days she calls up to see how everything is.

"Everything's fine" he says. "The kids are finally sleeping OK without you here, and my boss has given me an extra week off until you're back. Oh! I forgot to say, the cat's dead! She was hit by a car!"

"What!?" Says the wife. "Are you serious? Why couldn't you have broken it to me more gently?"

"How do you mean?"

"You know how much I loved her! You could have lied to me, and just built it up gradually. Like, you could have said she was stuck on the roof, and then tomorrow told me that the fire brigade was coming over to rescue her, and the day after that she'd fallen and broken her leg, and then on Friday you could tell me that she passed peacefully in her sleep. Don't just blurt out 'the cat's dead!'"

The man apologises, and his wife hangs up, angry at him. After a few days she calls back to apologise.

"I'm sorry I snapped" she says, "these meetings have just been really stressful. How are you all doing?"

"We're all good here" says the man. "Johnny got a certificate for swimming 100 metres, and Molly says she wants a pony for christmas. Oh, I nearly forgot! Your mom is stuck on the roof!"

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