Wednesday, September 27, 2023

I Guess It Is The Wet Season, Part Two or When August is Too Hot To Rain

Yeah I know, "Global Warming Doesn't Exist".

Turn off Fox News.  It isn't news, even Rupert Murdoch tells you that it's lies.

Sorry, "Boomers" but the "Zoomers" and "Millennials" are right, things have changed and not for the better.

Besides, I was a kid who noticed that things were changing years ago and I'll be collecting Social Security soon if they don't steal it.

Off the soap box now, but hey It is a Blog and it's my right.

When I was a kid I noticed that the weather was "Normal, One Way".  Growing up in South Jersey, it would snow around Thanksgiving, have a snow pack by Xmas, and the last of it would melt in a small pile in April.

I also noticed that it was changing.  We never had Ice Storms, that was what happened in North Carolina.  We got those.  Snows got deeper and more abundant when they came.

Mind you that sounds wrong but when you grow up in an area where it's too cold to snow in February and you start getting feet of snow (ok, 30cm) where you never did before, it is because the atmosphere warmed just enough to hold that much more water and dumped it on your head.

Down here in Fort Lauderdale, the old timers say "You could set your watch by it.  It rains at 3:30 every afternoon.  I saw that when I was a snowbird in the late 80s.  Not any more."

This year, it was hot.  Hotter longer and later.  When August happened, the rains stopped. 

That's the meaning of the picture at the top.  I worked out in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia and that particular year we learned if we were up at 6am and skating, we could beat the heat.  Why was that important?  I saw my first 104F/40C day ever there and then.

It hasn't quite gotten that bad here in So Flo.  We saw 98 which surprised me since I am only 2.5 miles (4km) from the beach.  It was like that all August, or "close enough for us". 

If you hear that the hurricane belt has moved North, I won't be surprised.  They're highly unpredictable beasts, but it used to be that a storm would come here if it went anywhere. 

It really messed up my schedule because I had a lot of work to do on my Jeep Wrangler this summer.  I hardly ever drive but I have been doing so by the light of the Check Engine Light.  The "Gas Cap Code" P0442 "Very Small Evap Leak" caused a cascade of repairable problems.  In a 21 year old car, that is repairable but it is also a game of Whack A Mole.  

Similar to the workouts in Philly, I was out in the carport at the crack of 7 setting up a large fan to blow the mosquitoes away, then to keep me cool.  Once 10am hit, it was stop work time since it was too hot to continue.

21 year old vacuum hoses don't bend well, those are the ones you have to GENTLY wiggle to see if they move.  If so, replace, if not, move to the next one.

That 21 year old Jeep isn't the problem either.  51,000 miles on it, it hardly gets used.

So what does a 21 year old Jeep have to do with the weather?

Red Blobs On Radar will make you stop work too if you're smart.  If August was too hot to rain, late September it's restarted with a vengeance.   Getting caught out in a Red Blob On Radar can "ruin your day" when it's more water than you used in the shower this morning all at once.

So here we are, Global Warming doesn't exist until it does, and run for Higher Ground.  Or at least stay out of the way of the lightning.  If your hair stands on end, good luck, you're going to be close to that strike.

After all, you can outrun the storms.  I did once on Inline Skates.  I could see the rains coming South on Federal Highway in Pompano Beach once and I was a Mile North of the Car.  That day I got to the car before the rains unleashed their fury.  Not always and don't do it on a Metal Framed Bike. 

But can everyone?

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