Saturday, September 2, 2023

I joined a cooking group that pledges to keep our Mexican sauce recipe a secret. We have a Mole in the organization.

That would be a "Molé" right?

And since today is a day for some weirdness, being the weekend and all, here's a two-fer for you!


This one is so old it's been carbon-dated.

A farmer was out working in his field one day when a carload of politicians came flying by. They were going too fast for the curve and turned over in the ditch. Later the sheriff stopped by and asked the farmer if he has seen the car.

"Yep" replied the farmer.

"Where are they?" asked the sheriff.

"Over there", replied the farmer pointing to the ditch filled with fresh dirt.

"You buried them?" asked the sheriff, "Are you sure they were dead?"

Replied the farmer, "They said they weren't, but you know how those people lie."

And since that one was so old...

I took my wife out to a nice restaurant the other night

She stopped me just as I was about to take the first bite and asked, "Don't we need to pray first?"
I said, "Nah, that's not necessary."

She replied, "But we always pray before we eat at home."
I said, "Yeah, but this chef probably knows what he's doing."

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