Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Downtown Fort Lauderdale from Level Six


I repeat this frequently.

Always bring a camera.

Of course now that everyone has a camera on their phone, and that everyone is bringing their into the bathroom to help them in pooping, it isn't so rare to have one with you.

Is it?

Anyway, I was at a parking garage getting ready for an appointment that particular Monday Morning.  I was warned to get there early, the earlier the better.

Having a soft top Jeep Wrangler means I am always nervous about where I leave the thing, and never leave anything in it of value.  "It's a Jeep Thing" works well here, but when the neighbor leaves the roof down on his Mustang and the car running, it has me looking to make sure all is well.

No really, it's more like "It's A Convertible Thing, You Wouldn't Understand".

I was nervous about finding parking at all, not knowing how far up I had to go.  Eventually I got to the sixth level.  You may find that annoying but really I had relaxed.

The reputation is that the lower levels get people going through cars, and the further up you go, the less likely that is.

Getting out of the car, I walked to the elevator, looked out and saw this view.

"Ooh, I need a picture!"

Much better than doing the restaurant photo of your food that was the thing for a while, I bring you a whole city.

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