Wednesday, November 29, 2023

My Doctor thinks I am on a First Name Basis with The Gods Of Valhalla

I was laying on a table having stickers put all over my chest for a visit.

We got into a conversation that had me laughing by the end. 

I have a minor procedure scheduled that required a bunch of tests.  This EKG was the last of them

But he did say that for anyone over 40 it's possible you may need a stress test, over 50 a periodic one is strongly suggested.

I pulled my phone out and rattled off the statistics of my last workout.

Sunday was a Marathon on the bike.  Specifically it was:

26.68 miles.
2 Hours 16 Minutes with one break - Stop, start, set up, water stop, etc.
1 Hour 56 Minutes under power.  (Yes, I get a rest stop with cookies too.)
Max Heart Rate 166 BPM
Average Heart Rate 148 BPM
Calories Burned 1719.
VO2 Max was 80% of the workout.

Blah blah blah.

So he asked me if Thor was doing well.
It degraded from there.  We were both laughing.

"Hey you helped me, when do you want to start training?"

He checked my resting VO2 - 99% and then said  "You did hear me say that I walked past my gym on the way to the bus stop?"

"No sunrise workouts for you?  I guess the 3 miles walking a day is a little much too?"
"Yeah may be a bit much."
"It's Philly people.  We walk everywhere, even after we leave."
"I'm from Chicago and we don't."
"I was there on Xmas one year.  So cold the moisture froze solid in my nose!"

It was that kind of conversation.

Basically any kind of training can give results at any age.  You do need to stick with them and take a balanced and systemic outlook.  However long it took you to get where you are, you can come back from it and usually do so in less time that it took you to get there.

Doctors visits are amusing to me.  I usually start giving them fitness advice.  Proportions of Protein/Fat/Carb in meals, Calorie counts. 

Irony is that I am chowing down on lunch chock full of processed cheese, square fish, and there is a nice  Key Lime Pie dessert coming my way. 

Those 3000 calories a day on an off day need to balance off the calorie deficit I see when I do workout.

Meanwhile my Dog, Rack the McNab SuperDog(TM), is looking at me with that "I Too Would Like Lunch" look.

He gets 3 meals a day and it's home made.

Never feed your dog something out of a bag.  It's not good for them.  Lettie always got high quality from a bag and died from a food recall as a result.

Remember a Food Recall in human food is because someone got sick.  A Food Recall in Dog Food is because dogs died.

And since I don't want to go through syringe feeding Rack, he gets homemade and has always for years now.

As for the Gods of Valhalla?  I missed Thor, he was out with a Grecian Goddess somewhere, don't tell Hera.  I did see Athena over the weekend.  Beautiful as always.  Mercury is my trainer and I aspire to be his substitute on occasions.

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