Sunday, November 19, 2023

I used to walk up to the counter and the bartender would know my by name. Now it’s my pharmacist.

Time to go out for the sunday workout.  Planning on a biking marathon, like usual.  Catch me if you can!

 In a doctors office

Woman: “Doctor, how is he? Any news?”

Doctor: “Well the important thing is, he’s going to be fine.”

Woman: “Oh thank God!”

Doctor: “But, you must prepare yourself, the head trauma he sustained has had certain effects on his personality.

Woman: “Oh no!”

Doctor: “Yes, You see he’s damaged the center on the brain responsible for making comparisons and judgements. And one effect of this, for instance, is I’m afraid he’s incapable now of finding anything funny.”

Woman: “Really?”

Doctor: “Yes I’m afraid so. It’s completely removed his sense of humor. But, on the other hand, it does mean that he’s entirely at peace with his situation. Without judgement, he simply can’t comprehend that there’s anything he should feel dissatisfied about.

Woman: “So... you’re telling me-”

Doctor: “Yes, that’s right madam. He’s serious, but not critical.”

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