Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buddy can you spare a CD Writing Program? Free Nero Lite

I have used Nero products before.   I usually got them by buying a PC or a CD Burner and the disc would be there to help me get things going.   The products are almost always of the highest quality and flexibility.  Even though you may or may not need all the options that the program offer, they were there and I never personally came across any bugs that would stop me from using them.

Over the weekend I had a situation that forced me to reload a laptop from scratch.  It's my multimedia authoring laptop and as such, I need it to have a CD writer.   While XP has some basic DVD and CD writing capacities, they're just not easy to use and I end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure it all out.  That says a lot since my title at work is "IT Manager".  I can't just lean across to my Network Admin and say "Hey do you remember how to ..."!

I had downloaded this program, legally, from the web site a while back and was using on the laptop before I had to reload it.   I also had kept the installer, so I copied it over to a 16GB stick to reinstall it but the installer got corrupted on the hard drive.

No Problem, I searched for the name of the program and the first link I found was this one where I could do the download again.   Just surf the page, enter an email address, and they will enable the link.  It is a 32MB download so if you're on a dial up just hang your head in shame and do the download and hope that "Mom" doesn't pick up the extension phone.

Since Nero is a company in Europe, your email won't be spammed with all sorts of garbage.  They have laws against that sort of nonsense there, something that the US could learn to do. 

For now, I have a free product that works well enough for me, and I won't have to go through the effort of finding a free or open source program to do the job.   Thanks!

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