Thursday, March 11, 2010

Honeybells make for strange lunch buddies

I was sitting in a very crowded mall at lunch a few days back and a pair of little old ladies invited themselves to my table.  It happens frequently as I guess I just happen to look safe. 

I went on with my mouth full of Ham and Cheese and let them have as much privacy as you can in a large mall food court while they went on with their lunches that they bought there.  I tend to carry a lunch and happened to have one in that mall at that day. 

There we sat, me acting like I was starved, two strangers at the table, and not much conversation going on.  It was a very loud place so I wasn't trying to pay attention.   As I remember I was quite rushed until the attack of the Honeybells.

I had gotten about midway through a large container of Honeybell Orange slices that I had packed when I felt eyes on me.  You see, I'm not the only person who likes Oranges, and since I live in the Sunshine State, I can get varieties that you just can't in the North unless you have someone who can hook you up.   I looked up and heard "those look so good, you don't know how close you came to losing them" with a twinkle in her eye and a southern drawl on her voice.  I smiled and said they're Honeybells, so you probably never had one before unless you know of them.

See Honeybells are an odd cross of Tangelo and some other fruits grown on a Grapefruit root cutting from time to time.  They are very sweet, orange with a hint of honey to them.   They also get quite big, and have a distinctive handle on the top that comes from the Tangelo Side Of The Family.  They're a softer fruit than what you're probably used to and normally darker than your average Navel.

My sister in New Jersey knows of them because one of my last purchases when I was a snowbird every year was to buy her 1/4 bushel of "B" fruit from a stand on the road and head on my way.   Well worth the effort.

I still have about 1/4 bushel of Honeybells in my refrigerator from Season, and it was a late one too.  The B fruit are "Not Quite Perfect, but eat real well" so when I see them I get them in large quantities for the price.  I got these at Spykes Groves in Davie which is always a treat to go to.  Spykes sells some really beautiful trees and the "A" or "Gift Quality" Fruit as well.   If they're carrying the Gift Boxes of Honeybells, treat yourself if you can and have a box shipped to you, you'll be hooked like I am.

But don't get me started on Mangos!

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