Monday, March 15, 2010

Mango Trees are Blooming in Florida

This is my favorite tree on the block.   It is a Hagen Mango Tree.   The tree is sitting in front of a yellow duplex that is about 10 feet at the peak of the roof.  I'd say from that picture that the peak of the tree is 40 feet tall.  

Forty Feet is a long way for a fruit that is the size of a man's fist that weighs sometimes over a pound, so you do want to be wary.  Had Newton parked himself under a Mango Tree instead of an Apple Tree, we may not have had a Theory of Gravity quite at that time.

If you look closely at that tree you will see that there are literally hundreds or maybe thousands of red flower spikes all over the tree.   It has been a very good blooming season so I am expecting a lot of Mangoes this  year.  I may actually get some from this tree which is a good thing since I truly enjoy Manoges.  In fact if you know someone with a tree who wants to get rid of some fruit, send them on to me!

At any rate, this is one of the largest trees in the neighborhood.  It has been through quite a few tropical storms and hurricanes and while grizzled, it is still producing fruit.   I think it has gotten a reprieve due to the housing market tanking here, that Duplex is in prime location for something tall and vulgar to go up like a town home.   Personally I wouldn't mind if nothing ever happens to the property as long as my tree stays put.

A week after I took that picture, I am posting it.   The windows are open and I can smell the almost chemical scent of Mango Inflorescence on the air.  The smell isn't completely pleasant but if I can put up with that, and it is almost ending, the promise of some good eating is on the horizon.

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