Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Bougainvillea Pictures

Last Sunday, there was a bit of rain overnight.  The weather this winter has been cooler than usual, more rainy than usual.  As a result the ground water has been replenished somewhat, or as much as you can when the soil is beach sand. 

The weather being so cool has resulted in plants slowing their growth.  However every time the weather gets just a little bit warmer and the plants notice, they have sent out blossoms.   Lately there's been a riot of flowers.  While walking to and from each end of town with Mrs Dog, there's been more and more flowers out. 

Just before the last cold front hit and we got that "bow shock" of a quick "schvitz" of a rain, the sun then came out.  No Rainbow just a sprinkling of water that rested on the early morning plants.  These flowers caught my eyes while waiting to get into a shop, and I am able to share them with you.  The Bougainvilleas are coming back since the Iguanas are almost gone.  I haven't seen one in months, and I'm glad of it.   I have however seen plenty of Iguana Food which is this particular Bougainvillea.   It is in my back yard against the fence.  The fence was a raceway for the Iguanas and this particular plant was stripped bare.   It has recovered somewhat and the result is this display of flowers.  

I had said that I think the winter is ending.  The air has a different taste to it even though it is still cooler than most of us Floridians would like.  The result is a lot more flowers than we had had for a while. 

And I am happy to share.

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