Monday, March 8, 2010

A Dog Sleeps Tonight - Picture

Sleeps Tonight, Tomorrow, During the Day, During the Afternoon... Just not while I am sleeping.

I've had Mrs Dog, Lettie, for about 8 years now.  I got her from Angel Pets Rescue in Harrisburg area, and am very happy I have.   She's an amazing dog.   A very strong personality, when I met her I realized that she had to come home with me and be a part of my life. 

I wasn't quite ready for what that meant.   She's a fearful dog.  Many things make her jump out of her skin.  Other dogs and she are not friends but she does like people.  I've learned how to deal with that and not push her into situations with a dog that is larger than she is.   I suspect she's a natural Beta Dog which is fine because I have my moments where I'm an Alpha Male and she's happiest when I'm giving instructions. 

She speaks English well enough that I can tell her what to do and she'll do it. "Lets go to Publix" means we're going for a walk down a specific route, a half mile away from home, sit in front of the supermarket and wait for a bit, then walk down a specific route back to the house.  If I say "Short Walk" we'll go a different route past Old City Hall and home through the parking lot of the Shoppes.   I can cook, as all my friends and readers know, and if I say "Not for dogs" she will curl up into a DogBall (TM) like you see above and ignore what I'm up to.   If I drop food for her, I've gotten her so well trained that she will watch that food until I say OK for up to and over thirty minutes.

I've certainly had my life enriched by having Lettie and saving her from the shelter.  I'm thankful that Paulette the Animal Control Officer in PA decided that this particular dog needed to be saved from the regular kill shelters and that Megs at Angel Pets hung onto my fearful little girl for that year or so before I found her online. 

And now she's going to get a cookie.  COOKIE!!!!!!

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