Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Air Temp 78F, Water Temp 73F - Picture

Winter is over, folks.

We had a beautiful weekend this week.  It was so nice that we had the windows open all day, from when I got back from the AM Dog Walk And Skate until the PM Dog Walk and Skulk!

At the peak of the day, it was warm, not hot, sunny with not a cloud in the sky, and the wildlife was out and about.

Seems to me after all that cold weather, the Geckos were all out thawing their lizard blood, and I heard the songs of birds everywhere.   The flocks of Parrots have come back and there were butterflies everywhere, floating on the spring breezes.

If you are down here in South Florida, you know just how amazing the weather has been the last week.   We're expecting more like this.  Soon we'll be hitting the "Duck and Cover" season and buying dried food for the impending summer storms.

Until now, I'm enjoying it and driving home from work with the roof off the Jeep.

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