Sunday, April 4, 2010

M.E. DePalma Park at a perfect moment

On Good Friday 2010, at my evening walk, it was a beautiful Spring day in Wilton Manors.  The weather was absolutely perfect, not too much of anything, and everything that makes it wonderful to be outside.

I was out with my dog, Lettie, as usual at the walk, and got to the corner of the park and paused to look at something that caught my eye.   The sunlight was streaming down through the Slash Pines to the flowers that have been recently planted there and lit them to a shine.

What caught my eye was a bit of an orange flash, and I stopped at the beauty of the scene.   In the little park, there was a small flock of Monarch Butterflies rising and fluttering in the Thermals of the afternoon.  Monarch Butterflies are a creature that basically lower my IQ and make me act like a child once again.   Seeing three of them in the same small patch of Florida was amazing to me, and I and my dog stood there stuck to the spot.   I don't know what she thought of it, but I had a smile on my face and gained a feeling of calm that crowned the day perfectly.

As if to give me a blessing for being there, one of the Monarchs fluttered over and landed on the leash that was in my outstretched hand.  Neither of us moved much but the butterfly took a breather then went on its way.

I had always wondered what on earth would happen to that place.   The plot of land was too small for a house in this neighborhood.   It was left fallow and then given to the City.  It is too small to be a park to exercise in, although I suspect you could easily do Yoga or Meditate.  The Butterflies and Flowers will certainly help that. 

I had thought it might be something of a White Elephant before the park came out of its cocoon. I am quite happy I was wrong. 

It was given to the City and guided by the right person to do so.   M.E. DePalma and those who worked on the plot have shown that they know exactly what to do with a place like that. I am glad that my little city and those involved with it whether Volunteer or Elected have the knowledge and understanding to turn this into a jewel.

Thank you all.

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  1. Justin Flippen was the catalyst - A man with the vision and the drive to make a difference.