Sunday, April 25, 2010

Iguanas are back

Afraid so.  It wasn't forever, merely a break from the inevitable.

Yesterday we were out driving around looking for a strawberry pot.  My neighbors had given me three little heather plants and they're doing very nicely in a large irrigated pot.  In the middle of that pot is a smaller pot with a strawberry plant.   While all four plants are happy together, we thought we should move the strawberry into its own pot and let the heather grow in. 

That set us on the chase!

You can find strawberry pots fairly easily, however since all the pots in the back yard are maroon, we didn't want the run of the mill terracotta pot.  We ended up at the nursery just East of Andrews on Oakland Park called Green Thumb Pottery.  Nice place that is tucked into a triangular plot of land against the North Branch of the New River.   They have some beautiful plants in some rather interesting self watering pots and a collection of glazed pots that would look well in just about any setting.   There is also a room there that was set aside just for orchids.   These plants were all very happy, display quality, and would make for a fine display in any home.  It certainly is worth a visit to the shop and the area behind the building that is under the awnings is quite a nice view of the New River and the homes on the water.

Being where it is, you can see quite a distance down the river.  That river is not a very quick moving one, nor is it very deep.  I'd be hard pressed to say that that spot is navigable since the bridge over it is at the same level as any other road around here, which is almost invariably flat.  You can see in this picture where the place is, and our car was parked on the far left where the white car is under the tree.

After shopping and finding that they can get the perfect strawberry pot for the yard, we went back to the car.  That was where I saw the creature, a five foot iguana in stripes.  This is the first critter I have seen since the first cold snap back in winter more than 3 months ago.  

So they're back.  I can only hope that this one doesn't find a mate so we don't end up with them sooner rather than later.   If there is one, there will be more.   My best guess is that those things will be back in my yard by November or so and I'll be back to chasing them out of my bougainvillea.

I'm hoping for another series of cold snaps next winter.  Iguanas are too much work and Iguana Rid does not work.

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