Saturday, April 17, 2010

Modern Moving with Old Fashioned CarL

I was out skating with the dog one morning, barely awake when in the distance, before dawn, I saw two lights.  These were on a truck, so I watched to see whether it was going anywhere and when it didn't move I relaxed.

I have a small 2 mile route around Wilton Manors' Central Area Neighborhood's South Side.  This is the side with the Shoppes on it, and while it is a poor place to skate, it is good for the dog since it is a short route.  Wilton Manors is trying as a City to make itself a great place to walk.  Some of the efforts are more effective than others, but on the whole, Wilton Manors is indeed improving visibly since I have moved here.

Hopefully when we get new crosswalks, they won't be so difficult to skate through.  Those Pavers they use bring me to an absolute crawl and I'm an Elite Distance Inline skater... I just won't skate on them.

But all that is neither here nor there right? 

I'm moving around down toward the corner with Tropics Bar at the Drive and 20th street and as I get to Wilton Towers, the truck was there.   It was a moving company.  I guess they were getting an early start on it that day, before the heat of the day, and the truck was idling there with two people inside looking bored wondering why this big guy with the black dog was going through in the dark with a flashlight (my Torch) on skates at about a double speed walk.

The dog is 9 years old, I go at her speed which is a dog trot.  I don't get much out of it but I can say I was out skating and she gets the cardio she needs.

As I get to the truck I am drawn in by the advertising speak on the side and start reading.  I normally avoid this sort of thing, but am so amused that I almost wipe out laughing out loud.  The dog startles then does her Doggy Smile and the two guys in the cab are looking at me now as if I'm insane.


Because on the side of a truck that is trying to say "Hey, use us, we're really careful with your things", there a long scrape along the side of the truck.   The logo "Modern Moving with Old Fashioned Care" was heavily damaged and read as the topic reads - "Modern Moving with Old Fashioned Carl".

Laughing I went on my way knowing I'd be back.   When I returned, the window was open and I shouted "Hey guys!  Who is Carl?!?!?" and kept going.   I left them confused and me laughing.

So why is this so amusing?  Ironic might be a more appropriate description.  Shows how little Old Fashioned Carl is out there if they're driving around with a logo that proves how little Carl they have in their product.   There is a lot of that out there.   Lately I've noticed places that have very little Old Fashioned Carl where you would like to pick them up and shake them.  Others are truly places of wonder and you keep going back.

But if I see a moving van pull up beside my house I'll be sure to tell them to make sure to Take Carl!

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